Frame Straightening in Lincoln County, WI

Have you been in a wreck that’s left your car looking beat-up and bent? RJ Collision Center is your destination for frame straightening! Restoring the integrity and form of your auto’s uni-body frame is specialty of our body shop in Lincoln County, WI, and it sets the foundation for all collision repairs we execute.

How Does it Work

Frame straightening is a simple process that uses hydraulic power to pull a car back into its factory shape. The car is held in place, with hydraulic mechanisms positioned exactly where the bending is taking place. Using excessive force, the car is “stretched” back into shape slowly, restoring the integrity of the frame.

After the frame is straightened, diagnostics are used to make sure the angles are correct and the integrity of the straightening is proper. This ensures your vehicle won’t succumb to further damages or weaknesses down the road.

Why Straighten the Frame?

It’s estimated that about 50 percent of accidents result in a bent frame. For this reason, frame straightening is a cornerstone of collision repair in Lincoln County, WI. Without straightening the frame, your vehicle could encounter numerous problems after collision repair, including:

  • Rubbing or friction between the frame and components
  • Structural weaknesses that could compromise driver safety
  • Stress on compromised areas that leads to future breakdown
  • A drop in fuel economy due to loss of aerodynamics

Even the smallest bend in a vehicle’s frame needs to be straightened and restored, or else it may have serious consequences in the future.

Repairing Your Frame

If you’ve recently been in an accident and are left with a car that has a bent frame, contact the professionals at RJ Collision Center about frame straightening. Our body shop in Lincoln County, WI is equipped with the tools and staff to straighten it out and get you back on the road without any threat of future issues cropping up.

To schedule an appointment with our shop today, please contact us by calling 715-453-2616.