Five Tips for a Finding a Trustworthy Auto Body Shop in Lincoln County, WI

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Everyone with a car needs a good mechanic and auto body shop to turn to for general maintenance, when their vehicle suddenly breaks down or when they’ve been involved in a collision. The problem is finding a trustworthy auto body shop in Lincoln County, WI! Sure, there are tons of mechanics in the area. But how do you know who’s a reputable mechanic and who’s a con artist? Follow these tips and ask these questions, and finding a good auto body shop may be easier than you think.

Look for reviews online

Sometimes, the easiest way to find a trustworthy auto body shop is to do a quick Google search. Websites like Angie’s List have user reviews for all sorts of repair shops in the area. You’ll get real reviews from former customers about their experience with the mechanic and the quality of his work. We encourage all of our potential clients to look at our reviews online; we have four- and five-star ratings across the board!

Ask for certifications

One thing an online review might not say is whether or not the repair shop is certified to perform the auto body repairs. The right certifications are definitely something you want to look for in your next auto body repair expert. A certification is proof that the technician knows what he’s doing with your car and that the auto body shop is a reputable business. At RJ Collision Center, we have a variety of accreditations and certifications that show we know what we’re doing when we get to work on your car. Give us a call today to learn more about our certifications!

Does the shop guarantee its work?

Now that you know the technicians are certified, you’ll want to double check that they offer some kind of warranty after the work has been performed. Any reputable auto body shop in Lincoln County, WI will stand by its work and offer a warranty for all services performed. If the technician isn’t willing to offer a warranty, tell him thanks, but no thanks!

How long will the repair take?

More likely than not, you want your car back as soon as possible after a breakdown or a collision. Assuming that’s the case, be sure to ask the technician how long he thinks it’ll take to get your car back to you. The last thing you want is to wait around for weeks without a set of wheels. We guarantee that we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the area.

Don’t be afraid to shop around

Your insurance company will undoubtedly suggest a body shop or two after you’ve filed a claim. That’s because insurers typically partner with mechanics to get better rates for repairs. There’s usually nothing wrong with picking your insurer’s suggestion for an auto body shop, but you should always look around to find a better deal. Neither your insurance company nor a technician can force you to choose them!

Don’t get fooled by a con artist or an uncertified average Joe. The next time your car needs repairs, stop by RJ Collision Center. Our technicians have decades of experience with frame straightening, collision repairs, paintwork and other auto body fixes!

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