Things to Look for When Choosing an Automotive Collision Center

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Do you know how to pick a good collision repair shop after your car has been in an accident? Whether you just dinged your back bumper or your entire front end is crumpled in, having a good collision center makes all the difference between having great work done right the first time and dealing with weeks of frustration and overcharges.

In order to help you feel less stressed, RJ Collision Center has put together a short checklist of things you should look for when you need collision repair in Lincoln County, Wisconsin for your vehicle:

  • Insurance compliance: One of the biggest deciding factors for many people looking for collision repair is insurance. That is, will the repair shop they’ve chosen be able to work with their insurance company? While your insurance company may suggest several repair shops for you to use, you are not under any obligation to go with one of their recommendations. Pick a collision repair shop that you like, and make sure it can work with your insurance provider from start to finish.
  • Good reputation: When you start the hunt for an auto collision repair shop, ask friends and family for their own recommendations. When you have a few top picks, do your homework—go online to see how they measure up. Check review sites like Google, Yelp, Garage Fly and the Better Business Bureau, and keep in mind that 100 percent positive (and sometimes almost too positive) ratings could be fake. Most good businesses can expect to have a few disgruntled customers, and it’s a sign of their integrity of they can address these less-than-positive online reviews up front with professionalism and fairness.
  • Welcoming environment: At RJ Collision Center, we firmly believe that any collision repair shop worth its salt should treat its customers like family. So, when you visit potential repair shops, take note of how you are received. Do the staff and technicians make you feel welcomed? Do you feel that everyone is open in their communication with you, and being up front about what repairs are necessary, how long they will take and what they will cost? Ask about what certification the technicians have, as well as about the experience that the team has with repairing cars like yours.
  • Available parts and services: A top provider of collision repair in Lincoln County, Wisconsin will also be happy to answer any of your questions about ordering and replacing parts for your damaged vehicle. They should be able to tell you how quickly they can be ordered and delivered, and they should have up-to-date equipment on hand to install these parts and make other repairs as necessary. Some customers also like to have the option of a rental car to drive while their car is being serviced.

These are just a few ways you can find an auto collision center that meets your needs and treats you well. For more tips and information, or to learn about having your car repaired at RJ Collision Center, just give us a call or stop by. We look forward to serving you!

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