Tips for Picking the Right Auto Body Shop in Lincoln County, Wisconsin

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If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting in a car wreck, you know what comes next: trying to find an honest, experienced auto body shop to repair the damage, without getting duped in the process. One place might tell you the estimate is $600, and a second one could tell you it’s $1,500. Why is there such a discrepancy in price—and when is it okay to go with the lower estimate?

Sometimes the selection process can seem daunting. But the good news is that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on car repair simply by knowing what to look for when you’re choosing an auto body shop in Lincoln County, Wisconsin. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started with your search.

Listen to your mother—and your friends

We live in an age where basically anyone can put up an ad that makes a business look good. For this reason, it helps a lot to have a word-of-mouth recommendation, too. When friends, family or coworkers recommend an auto body shop, it means they are a business that knows how to treat customers right. This shop may not be the biggest or most popular one in your area, and it may not even have much of an online presence. But customers who go there feel personally appreciated and taken care of, and they know they’re getting exceptional work at a fair price. So, ask around to find out what others recommend.

Consider the shop’s location

Auto body shops have different ways of estimating labor, and some of this difference is decided by overhead and location. A large company with a lot of front-end workers—such as receptionists, managers and foremen—will most likely need to charge more, because they need to pay their staff.

Many garages use a reference guide that helps them accurately estimate the number of hours needed to complete common repairs. A higher-end auto body shop in Lincoln County, Wisconsin, however, might pad the estimate or final charge with all of the “maybe” work—in other words, things that might need to be included. This work is frequently not necessary, and the charges can pile on quickly.

Get a few estimates

Don’t be afraid to take your car to several different auto body shops before making a final decision. Get the quotes and compare them to see what makes sense. Many shops will even take a look at quotes from competitors and try to match them if possible. A good shop will focus on doing the best work they can for the best price they can. And that leads to one more important point: going with a shockingly low estimate is not always a great idea. Some repair shops will charge a below-standard rate to win your business, but they are probably not performing all of the necessary work—and that means you’ll be back for more extensive repair almost immediately.

At the end of the day, make sure to listen to your instinct, too. If you have a bad gut feeling when you visit an auto body shop in Lincoln County, Wisconsin, don’t give them your business. Instead, visit RJ Collision Center, where you can count on receiving outstanding workmanship and friendly service at an affordable price.

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