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When your car has been in an accident, there are many different aspects of repair, maintenance and restoration that you have to take care of. If your car has suffered damage to its frame, you will likely need to have welding services performed in order to get it back into good condition. It is essential that you find a shop that is able to take on automotive welding projects and deliver a high degree of quality in their work. Metal work and welding can be a very difficult process, so it is important that you are careful about who you hire to do the job. In order to get the most out of your welding service in Tomahawk, WI, there are several important things that you should do before hand:

  • Take time to talk to your welder: Before you hire someone for automotive welding service in Tomahawk, WI, take time to speak with them about the services that you need. They will be able to explain the process to you and answer any questions that you have about the repairs that will need to be done on your vehicle. Speaking to the welder or shop where you will be getting help can give you valuable insight into the details of the services you need.
  • Ask about certification: It is important that you find out what kind of credentials the welder who you choose possesses. Their training and certification is important to take into account, since it says a lot about their capability to effectively repair your vehicle’s frame. You can ask the welder about their credentials directly or look into the information that is available on their business website to find out more about their certification.
  • Hire a welder who is experienced: The more work a welder has performed, the more likely it is that they will be able to provide you with quality services. Consider how long they have been providing services in the community and try to find a shop that has at least a few years of experience under their belt.
  • Find a shop that offers a service guarantee: A service guarantee allows you to be confident about the quality of service that you are getting. Ask the shop that you are considering whether they offer any guarantee on their service so that you can have peace of mind about the work you’re having done.

When you need welding services that you can trust, come to RJ Collision Center. We have been serving customers in Tomahawk, WI for decades with services including auto restoration, dent repair, AC service, custom auto painting and frame welding. Whether you have a few dings and scratches or your vehicle has extensive damage that needs to be repaired, we are more than happy to work with you to address your specific automotive needs. We are so confident in the quality of our welding service in Tomahawk, WI that we have a 5-year workmanship guarantee. If you’d like to get a free estimate, contact us today to speak with a member of our professional team.

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